Team DBC Sponsors

Title Sponsor since 2017

The Denver Bicycle Cafe is the Title sponsor for Team DBC.  The Denver Bicycle Cafe has been serving the Uptown and Capital Hill neighborhoods with Bikes. Beer.  Coffee.  for over 7 years.  The Bike Shop sells new bikes from Orbea, quality bike components and accessories with an excellent service department.  They are open everyday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Bike mechanics are usually available after 10:00 am everyday.  Denver Bicycle Cafe has been involved in Colorado racing for a number of years.  Peter Roper, owner of DBC is an experienced MTB and Road racer.  Stop by for quality cycling gear and to satisfy any craving for great local Colorado craft beers and local roasted coffee and food.  Team DBC members receive great benefits from the bike shop.  Details are available to members only!

 Podium Sponsor – since 2018
When Strange Craft Beer Co. opened south of Denver’s Mile High Stadium in May 2010, it was the first nanobrewery in the city brewing one barrel of beer at a time. Strange has since become a destination spot for Colorado beer drinkers, and taken home two Great American Beer Festival® medals and two World Beer Cup® awards. Visit the brewery online at
The Denver Bicycle Cafe often features beers from Strange Craft Beer Company in our cafe or beer hall, and are excited to have them as one of our Podium sponsors for the team starting in 2018.
Team Denver Bicycle Cafe members will be enjoying special offerings/events with Strange Craft Beer Company throughout the season.
 Podium Sponsor – Since 2018

Flexential helps organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security.  The company is committed to building trusted relationships and delivering tailored solutions that suit the individuals needs of its customers.  Utilizing its people, values and reliable performance, Flexential is deeply invested in the success of its 4200+ customers.

Flexential has been an instrumental part of Colorado cycling for many years, supporting USA Pro Challenge, Indian Peaks Challenge and the Denver Post Ride the Rockies.

For more information please visit

Members will have the opportunity for some discounts on tickets for major rides, like Ride the Rockies, and other similar event benefits throughout the season.  Jason Carolan our contact at Flexential, an avid cyclist, and a regular at Denver Bicycle Cafe, will be joining us for some of the group rides throughout the season as well.

  Podium Sponsor in 2019

Colorado bicycle accident lawyer, Brian Weiss, focuses on representing injured cyclists across the state.  Brian has a passion for bicycle riding, and he brings two decades of legal experience to the Bike Law network.  We are excited to have Brian join Team DBC as a sponsor and valued member.   Bike Law not only provides excellent legal service but offers a number of valuable articles on bike law and safety, like What to do after an accident

Prime Sponsor since 2018

In the vastly competitive sunglass and snow goggle industry, it takes more than exceptional products to differentiate a new company; it requires creativity and perseverance.  Most people don’t realize the majority of high-profile sunglass brands are controlled by a couple of giant, big box conglomerates, which sell the high-cost illusion of choice to the consumer. D•CURVE offers an alternative – a different approach to how goggles and sunglasses are designed, innovated, marketed, and priced.

After working in the sunglass industry for almost 20 years, I knew it was time to get back to the basics: offer modestly-priced products with game-changing innovations. Challenge the status quo. Shift paradigms.

Members receive some exceptional discounts on D-Curve products, which include sunglasses, bike helmets and accessories.  We will be rewarding riders with some free D-Curve products throughout the season.

     Prime Sponsor since 2018

Superjames Bars are gluten-free superfood bars created by the world famous Jamestown Mercantile Café. They were originally formulated by the café owners to fulfill the needs of cyclists who regularly ride up the winding James Canyon and stop at “The Merc” (as the café is affectionately known) before continuing on to ride the steep incline heading west toward the Continental Divide, known as SUPERJAMES.  This ride is an incredible athletic feat, and so the bars were created to give energy to sustain the enterprise. They are made with clean, natural, whole, unprocessed ingredients in order to maintain natural integrity. They are made to fuel the do-ers of the world to do good.

Everything good, nothing weird: Oats, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, honey, peanut butter, brown rice syrup, coconut oil, raisins and cranberries.

Members will enjoy SuperJames Bars throughout the season to help fuel their rides.

Prime Sponsor in 2019
A new sponsor this year for 2019, Sessions:6 offers great training across multiple disciplines.   Our coaching and training revolves around our concept of addressing the “Six Components of Endurance Sport Success.” By identifying an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in aerobic conditioning, muscular stability, skill proficiency, diet & nutrition, stress management, and mental fitness we can help athletes to not only improve but thrive in endurance sports competition.  

Darcy Scheeler, MD                                      Prime Sponsor in 2019

Pinon Physician Darcy Scheeler, MD,  is an avid cyclist and races in multiple disciplines with several podiums last season and has been a valued member of Team Denver Bicycle Cafe since 2018.  If you looking for talented, caring, and experienced physicians in Littleton, CO  contact Darcy through the  Piñon Family Practice  –